Child Health

Dr Perry has a passion for looking after children, especially when they are at their sickest.


He has undertaken additional paediatric training, including a Masters in Paediatric Emergency Medicine from the University of Edinburgh, a Diploma of Child Health from the University of Adelaide and has current APLS (Advance Paediatric Life Support) accreditation.

Referral Network:

General Paediatrics 

– Dr Richard Hart, Bowral Hospital

– Dr Brooke Thompson, Bowral Hospital

General Paediatrics 


Paediatric gastroenterologist
Dr Nitin Gupta  


Paediatric sleep specialist
Dr Catherine Jonas  


Paediatric respiratory specialist
Dr Gregory Blecher  


Paediatric vascular lesions
– Dr Peter Hogan
Westmead Children’s Hospital, Private rooms, Penrith


Paediatric immunology & allergy
Dr Anna Dosen